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I am so glad you came to my blog. Thank you for visiting. I am Ishani, we live in Ambala, Haryana, India. I was a Logistics Officer in the Indian Air Force for 10 years, a proud soldier. But, I was so guilty to not be available to see my son grow that I decided to serve my family first. Now am contended with my life, as a SAHM and happy to be available for my kid and yes, craft. 😉

I started crafting when I was going through a rather tough time. I underwent IVF treatment and needed something to take my mind, off the treatment. So I started with some DIY, getting inspired from Pinterest (my account here), where I also came across Quilling (after I was gifted a Quilling kit by a sweet friend). I remember it was in the late 2014 and I was pregnant (yay), when the cardmaking bug bit me! I started an Instagram account (here) in the beginning of 2017, from where I got tremendous inspiration and got introduced to stamping. And then I started this blog and a page on Facebook (here).

My new venture is my You Tube channel - here. You can support my work by subscribing to my You Tube channel. I started my channel with my first video on 14th Aug 19 and today is 20th Nov and I am at 486 subscribers. I hope I reach 500 soon!

I enjoy crafting but now am giving it more time than earlier, more so because of the love and encouragement that I get from this crafting community. I would love to get in touch with you too. Please do leave a comment here or mail me at ishani.164@gmail.com.

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May God bless you always!



  1. Loved reading about you and your life! Being a SAHM is a great thing, few can do it, so I'm happy you can. I was a SAHM to 6 boys and loved every minute of it. Thank you for your service as well, even though we are in different countries, I still am in awe of all who serve their country!! Hugs, Brenda

  2. I've popped over to meet you after seeing that gorgeous chick card you for with a challenge, fabulous idea. You sound like you are a very accomplished lady. Going to follow you & see your creations of you don't mind. Card hugs Andie x

  3. Have found you and am enjoying your talent . Thanks for sharing . Side note...I have 2 children that were adopted from India. One is 47 and a zoo keeper at lion country in Florida and the younger is 40 and works in an office and has given me my 13 year old grandson who is the joy of my life. Again , tfs


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