Mothers' Day - Aloe you Mumma

Hello dear friends,

It's Mother's day today and as a mother it's my second Mothers'Day! Last year my son walked on this special occasion and now that he has started talking, he wished me 'Happy Mothers'Day to you'.. what a joy! Later I caught him going through a stack of patterned paper and holding a bottle of glue! And when I enquired what he was doing? He replied "Quilling"! Day made memorable! ^_^

I made two cards for this day, one for my mother and the other for my mom in law.
Recently I noticed few challenges on the Instagram which host regular challenges and have a theme or inspiration in them.

Cupcake inspiration was the first such blog where my card based on Easter theme was selected as Sweet seven, the same challenge had succulents and trio of colours as inspiration. Thinking around the theme I quilled two pots depicting mother and child Aloe Vera plants and used Pentel Sign pen for brush lettering the sentiment.

The plants are hugging and the mother seems to be blessing the child! 
I hope you can figure it out :)

This card is for my mom. She loves succulents too. Making this card was a lot of fun and it was quick too. I hope you liked it.