Quilled Butterfly Card

Hello everyone,

     I have been almost on hibernation on the blog I created, but with work and a toddler at my knees, it's been a little difficult. I try to be regular on Instagram though and turn to it for inspiration. You can visit my account on Instagram here https://www.instagram.com/quill_ish/

  A Russian artist Svetlana Danilova's work inspired me to make a card , you can view it here  https://www.instagram.com/p/BR8b91zhn49/  and she was glad that I have been inspired by her work !

    I did not have my quilling supplies or any craft related stuff as we were on vacation visiting family. But I had so much of free time, I was itching to get my fingers smeared with glue. So, I had to go to the market and see if I'd get atleast quilling strips and luckily I got some!

    It was difficult because I didn't have tweezers and a slotted tool..but I was able to make this butterfly look.. neat! Pheewww!

    Today I share with you this quilled butterfly card! Hope you will like it!

Another angle of it! 

Thankyou for visiting and have a great week ahead! 🤗