The Power of Practice and my card making journey

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I am here with my crafting journey story.

My crafting journey started in 2014! Before that, it was a little paper crafts during school breaks or wall murals in school, Biology sketches of cells etc nothing more could qualify as arts for me. As a cadet and a soldier, from end of my teens till I was almost 30, my life was tough with the kind of profession I chose. I have always had hobbies and during those years. I learnt guitar, playing it and singing became my weekend dose of recuperation.

In 2014, a friend introduced me to quilling and I was glued to those paper strips. I would check Pinterest and make my quilled creations and cards. You can check my Quilling projects here. I remember being fascinated with card making while I checked Quilling projects on Pinterest. My quilling journey slowed down in 2015 when i was blessed with a baby boy and would just occasionally make cards or do some hand lettering till he turned 2.

It was in 2017 when I was reintroduced to the beautiful world of stamping on Instagram. It was  Jasleen, a lovely crafter (who used to quill too) who patiently helped me understand the challenges of cardmaking and stamping. I bought my first stamp and made this card - in May 2017. You see, I put all I had, pattern paper, quilling, the flowers with some masking and a hand lettered sentiment. Though people encouraged me tremendously with wonderful comments on this card. I now see that the card had a lot of scope of improvement

Then I bought a stencil and tried my hand with stenciling and I was happy then, but now when I look at it, it was.. meh...

I was earning well at the time but was blown away by the expenses this hobby may incur and didn't want to invest so much in a hobby. So I started playing at challenges in 2017, with some beginners luck, I won occassionally, mostly for my quilled projects. In 2018, I did more stamping and got a little better and started winning at more challenges and I was thrilled to get some International stamps. Here are list of my recognition till 2019

So, first, I wanted to craft on budget and if I won, it would help me get more supplies. Also, playing at challenges, gave me place to look for inspiration, look closely - at how the DT are interpreting and make my brain cells work, on how can I do it differently? Secondly, if I won $25 GC, I would put same amount in my kitty to buy my expensive supplies. For example, I always wanted to buy a die cutting machine, but I waited till I had almost won Rs 7000/- worth GCs and then bought myself a Big shot.

In my opinion, when we work for a goal - we get better in the process. I remember, when in 2018 I applied for a DT and wasn't chosen, I said to myself, I have to get better and learn more techniques. It was then that I asked  Loll Thompson (Card making Goddess) if I could CASE her cards and she was such a great teacher to me for those 10 CASEs and made me learn more. Here are all the cards I made for my Inspired by Loll series.

And somewhere in late 2019 I realised I can be a teacher too and started my You tube channel. It is because of the love and encouragement of this crafting community I am still at it and trying to improve everyday. Here is a card, loved by many crafters that I made for a special occasion. You can watch how I created this card on my You tube channel - here.

You can check my journey from my first card to the latest card on Instagram - here and decide yourself how good I was and how much practice has helped. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below and I'd love to get back to you.

Here's a beautiful thought for all us crafters striving to get better each day.
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So let's learn from each other.


  1. Lovely Card. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Absolutely LOVED reading about your journey my friend! Now I understand the meaning behind your blog name! LOL! Quilling was something that I never got into but truley admired from others! I love the journey you went on and how you found your passion for this! So glad that you were able to come to the point of teaching others as well! I know I have learned from you my friend! I'm honored to be apart of this blog hop with you! P.S. I tried the link to your video, but it took me to I will check out your channel. TFS! HUGS

  3. Oh my God, Ishani. Aren't you a sweetheart to mention my humble role in your beautiful journey of blossoming as a professional cardmaker! You were meant to be a part of this community and i'm in awe to see you progress from a novice to a professional cardmaker and YouTuber in these years. I am so proud of you and so happy to see you inspire many of us with your wonderful work. Your dedication will take you places, my friend! I hope i can catch up with you all in this wonderful community, just like those good old days!😊

  4. It's so cool to see where some one started and where they are now. Your quilled be card is very cool and so is your newest bee (I love the coloring!). Thank you for sharing your story! :)

  5. It was so interesting to read about your journey Ishani ! You are a really talented card maker and I enjoy your work !

  6. Loved reading this Ishani - I must have followed you for most of your journey. I love your work, and have enjoyed seeing your art 'mature'. Sorry I am not around much at the moment, but this too will pass and I will be able to spend more time online once I am packed and moved....
    Stay safe

  7. I saw enjoyed reading your story, Ishani! Your cards are always so stunning and I am constantly inspired by your makes. I am very happy to have you as a crafty friend. Hugs!

  8. I loved reading your beautifully written journey into card artistry, Ishani! Now the student has become the master and other crafters look to you for inspiration. May your art journey continue for years and bring you immense joy! Hugs, Darnell

  9. Your first card is so cute...but I love the bright colors on the new bee card! xxx

  10. It's so wonderful to read your crafty journey..hugsxx

  11. So nice to learn about your crafty journey! I LOVE this final Bee card!

  12. Dear Ishani
    So nice to get to know about your journey, You are absolutely right Practice makes perfect. You are such a humble girl. I wish you more and more luck With loads of love. Stay safe and blessed


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