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Hello there, I am so glad you came to my blog. Thank you for visiting. I am Ishani, we live in Ambala, Haryana, India. I was a Logistics Officer in the Indian Air Force for 10 years, a proud soldier. But, I was so guilty to not be available to see my son grow that I decided to serve my family first. Now am contended with my life, as a SAHM and happy to be available for my kid and yes, craft . 😉 I started crafting when I was going through a rather tough time. I underwent IVF treatment and needed something to take my mind, off the treatment. So I started with some DIY, getting inspired from Pinterest (my account here ), where I also came across Quilling (after I was gifted a Quilling kit by a sweet friend). I remember it was in the late 2014 and I was pregnant (yay), when the cardmaking bug bit me! I started an Instagram account ( here ) in the beginning of 2017, from where I got tremendous inspiration and got introduced to stamping. And then I started this blog and a page on Faceb