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Ardyth inspired

Hello dear friends,

It's Ardyth's Birthday.. if you have come across her Blog, you'd know what a great artist she is! I love her CAS style and first saw her cards on Instagram and have been going through her gallery many times for inspiration.

This particular card which I chose for making was inspired by the quick video she posted a couple of days back. As soon as I saw it I wanted to make it with incorporating few of my favorite colours and a little quilling.

 I feel lucky to have across such a talented artist who also never fails to encourage me on my work. Here's wishing Ardyth Best wishes on her Birthday!

Love Ishani

Fashionista Friend's card

Hello everyone,

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend! I finally had some time and went through Instagram to get some inspiration and.. I saw the cupcake challenges theme - Fashionista, the card concept challenge with Elegance and loud of AAA card challenge.

I also had to make a card for my sister's friend and thought this would be a perfect theme. I made a lipstick and a nailpolish with lots of elements put together.. namely quilling, spectrum noir, glossy accents and shaker elements to give the gloss and shine a fashionista can't miss!

The way lipstick and nailpolish have had a never ending friendship.. I don't think any lady who loves to wear a lipstick... doesn't love nailpolish! So is the sentiment I chose.. mixed two different stamps for it.       We'll always be Good friends.

Hope you liked this friendship card !
Lots of Love   Ishani


Hello dear friends,

I was very glad when my cousin messaged me to make a card for her friend! Wow..I have an order... And she put the charge on me to choose  how the card would be.

I had recently been on the blog hop by Milka Gubo - To-bee-or-not-to-bee and I was so inspired by the cause and actually I love bees too... who doesn't love little bees? I also wanted to use the masking technique shown by Linda Langes (check it Here ). Also, I saw a couple of challenges with animal as their subject.. so I finally had a rough sketch!

I started with the floral stamp, stamping two different flowers on post- it notes and fussy cutting them to use as masks. Then, after adding desired leaves around the flowers, I coloured them with water colour pencils.

You see two colours - pink and red (is the mask I used).. because I wasn't sure if pink was looking good. Found red flowers looked better.  So I painted my flowers red. I quilled two bees with 5mm strips and put googly eyes on them (I can…

CAS card

A warm hello to you,

Card making with stamps is relatively new to me but it's such an interesting way I thought I could try my hand after the inspiration from various blogs I follow. 
I think my cards tend to be towards a CAS style but... Pheww... Clean and Simple is so time consuming! Not the process.. But the decision of what.. where.. how...!! I have also noticed that.. embellishments are not put on a CAS card.. but I couldn't resist.. I recently got my hands on Papericious sequins.. And I had to use them!
I chose a flower stamp.. (I didn't have many choices.. I just have a couple of stamps), white heat embossed it and used distress inks for the colouring. The sentiment was what I loved the most.. I used the cool.. glossy accents over the water coloured sentiment! 

I was happy with how it turned out. Hope you like it too!
I am yet not sure how it works.. linking to the challenge from the blog because there is no comment on my previous post which I had linked to a coupl…

Quilled Quill

Hello crafters,

A very good morning to you! A crafter friend had once told me about the Indian Quilling challenge, I don't know how did I not check that time.. but luckily I came across this beautiful site Link: especially for Quillers. They have a theme on which we can make our projects and submit, Rainbow this time.

This is the first time for me and I thought of what could be Rainbow colours? And as I saw few days later the DT of the blog had made a feather. Since I have been wanting to quill a quill since some time now.. I decided to make a rainbow coloured quill!

Here's my entry for the Indianquillingchallenge -rainbow-colours

Hope you liked my quilled card 😊. Please hop on to my Instagram account Quill_ish  for checking some more of my work.

Quilled Birds

Hello to you my friend!

Who doesn't love birds? I planned to make a fridge magnet for my co sister as we were visiting them. I looked for image of birds and made a rough sketch. I didn't know the name of the bird.. and neither did I follow the colours.. I had very limited coloured strips so used whatever I had handy.

I used 5 mm strips for this bird.. Which later my brother said.. looked like a Robin.. so here is the Robin!

But after this one bird .. I realised they should be in a pair, for which I quilled a bird in some feminine colours. Now my lonely Robin has a company.

Hope you like my Birdie couple!  🐦🐦

CAS card - Commencement / Graduation

Hello friends,

   It happens to me a lot, when I want to create something with the supplies at hand (that I have hoarded) but I don't know what to! That's when I go to Instagram & Pinterest for some inspiration. But recently I discovered some blogs where there are challenges and a given theme.. and am loving them!

   From my recent haul from Itsy Bitsy Pune, I bought few stickers and really I didnt know where could I use them till I saw CASology challenge on Instagram ( ) with the theme 'commencement'.

   I thought of putting some quilled elements and made books from strips of 3mm and 5mm paper. The chalk board technique is quite the in thing on many blogs I follow, so I thought of doing something similar and on a scrap of paper wrote Congrats with the uniball signo creamy white pen.

  This Clean and Simple card was my entry for CASology challenge.

Am so glad to share that this card was the honourable mention at the Challen…

Dear Mummy - Happy Mothers' Day

Hello dear Crafters,

I wish all you moms a very Happy Mothers'Day!

For Mothers' Day I made two cards, one was Aloe you Mumma (previous post) and the other was for my mom in law.

I have been quilling off and on since past two years but card making as a hobby has recently blossomed. And with so much of inspiration on Instagram, I was wooed to buy floral stamps too.  During our recent vacation and trip to Pune, I bought some cool crafty stuff from Itsy Bitsy shop. And I had been itching to use the floral stamps.

This card has elements of stamping as well as quilling. What a satisfaction it was to do both together!

With very limited supplies at hand I used water colour pencils for the poppy flower and used Glossy accent for the bud! With great care I wrote 'Dear Mummy' (coz I didn't have white card stock available other than that piece) with Pentel Sign Brush pen and stamped a wreath around it! And positioned my quilled flowers, leaves and stamped flowers around it.


Mothers' Day - Aloe you Mumma

Hello dear friends,

It's Mother's day today and as a mother it's my second Mothers'Day! Last year my son walked on this special occasion and now that he has started talking, he wished me 'Happy Mothers'Day to you'.. what a joy! Later I caught him going through a stack of patterned paper and holding a bottle of glue! And when I enquired what he was doing? He replied "Quilling"! Day made memorable! ^_^

I made two cards for this day, one for my mother and the other for my mom in law.
Recently I noticed few challenges on the Instagram which host regular challenges and have a theme or inspiration in them.

Cupcake inspiration was the first such blog where my card based on Easter theme was selected as Sweet seven, the same challenge had succulents and trio of colours as inspiration. Thinking around the theme I quilled two pots depicting mother and child Aloe Vera plants and used Pentel Sign pen for brush lettering the sentiment.

The plants are hugging a…

Quilled Butterfly Card

Hello everyone,

     I have been almost on hibernation on the blog I created, but with work and a toddler at my knees, it's been a little difficult. I try to be regular on Instagram though and turn to it for inspiration. You can visit my account on Instagram here

  A Russian artist Svetlana Danilova's work inspired me to make a card , you can view it here  and she was glad that I have been inspired by her work !

    I did not have my quilling supplies or any craft related stuff as we were on vacation visiting family. But I had so much of free time, I was itching to get my fingers smeared with glue. So, I had to go to the market and see if I'd get atleast quilling strips and luckily I got some!

    It was difficult because I didn't have tweezers and a slotted tool..but I was able to make this butterfly look.. neat! Pheewww!

    Today I share with you this quilled butterfly card! Hope you wil…